[Interview] “The goal is to become the 10th largest accounting firm.



"The introduction of the periodic auditor designation system has created new opportunities for local accounting firms, and we are working to effectively target them“

As accountant Kim Seon-yeop took office as the new CEO of Ijeong Accounting Firm, a new wind of change is blowing at Ijeong Accounting Firm.

CEO Kim served as the head of the financial business division and the head of the strategic business division at Deloitte Anjin Accounting Firm before joining Jiyul Accounting Firm in 2018. He dreamed of expanding the accounting firm through his own insights at Jiyul Accounting Corporation, led the merger with Ijeong Accounting Corporation, and took office as the new representative in September of last year.

Lee Jung Accounting Firm is a 'strong and small' accounting firm that ranked 20th in sales among local accounting firms excluding the Big 4 accounting firms last year. It is showing steep growth, recording sales of 17.2 billion won in 2020, 20.6 billion won in 2021, and 25.7 billion won last year (accounting audit 9.5 billion won, tax advisory 6 billion won, management consulting 8.5 billion won, other 1.7 billion won). It is also a registered corporation for auditors of listed companies, of which only 40 accounting firms are currently registered.

In a recent interview with the Josei Ilbo (, CEO Kim said, “In conversations with customers, I try to do my best in audit transparency through a flexible and strict attitude rather than a biased conversation,” achieving 50 billion won in sales and accounting It presented goals such as entering the top 10 in corporate sales rankings.


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